Local SEO For Small Business

How to Master Local SEO For Small Business

If you’re a small business owner and you want to utilize local search engine optimization tactics to your best advantage, you need to learn the basic methods first. Learning which methods work best will ensure success in this vital area of Web-based marketing.

In order to help you enjoy a greater impact via local SEO marketing, we contacted a local Sacramento SEO company by the name of Kaizen Way Marketing to get the inside scoop on basic local SEO tactics.

He’s quick and practical guide that showcases what we learned and the basic practices when it comes to optimizing your company website for local searches.

So What is Local SEO, Anyway?

Local SEO is the process of utilizing search engine optimization techniques in order to access better local search engine rankings. Since 97% of local consumers use the internet to seek out local goods and services working to improve these types of search engine rankings is always a smart strategy for savvy small business owners.

SEO Tips to Consider

You don’t need to be an SEO guru or tech wizard in order to enhance your local SEO search engine rankings. It’s actually as easy as implementing a few tried-and-true standards. One is getting more online reviews.

Improve Local SEO with More Reviews

While online reviews should always be authentic and never fake, the more of them you get, the better your local search engine rankings will be.  The reason being, getting your local business listed on local directory style review sites like Yahoo Local, Yelp, and Angies List, actually helps Google classify and confirm that you are in face a local business.

An easy way to get these reviews is to simply ask your loyal customers to post feedback online at any one of the website mentioned above. By increasing your number of reviews (which hopefully, will be positive feedback), you’ll be able to gain authority and trust, without investing a lot of time and energy.

Something to note: From an SEO standpoint, it doesn’t matter whether reviews are positive or negative. Just getting the reviews and having your listing page shared around the internet will help you build local authority when it comes to Google’s rankings. However, most businesspeople know that negative reviews can do a lot of damage to their businesses so you probably want to avoid those at all costs.

Add SEO Elements to Your Website

Next, turn to your company website – if it’s not currently optimized for local SEO, you’re missing out on a great way to rank higher for these local searches.

There are many ways to optimize a website for Local SEO.  The easiest being by adding Title Tags, Meta Tags and Image tags to your existing website that explain specifically what your business is and where it’s located.  To do this you simply need to you use your target local keywords to describe your business.

For example, if you own a dentist office in Chicago you would want your keywords to include the keywords “Chicago” and “dentist” as to help identify what your website is about and where your business is located.

Here’s and example. 

Title: Smith’s Dental Services – Chicago’s Most Trusted Dentist.

Meta: John Smith Has Been A dentist in Chicago for more than 30 years and his company, Smith’s Dental Services provides the best possible dental procedures in the greater Chicago Metro.

Image Tags: John Smith, Smith’s Dental Service, Our Chicago Dental Office

You can also be sure to do things like adding specific company contact information to your website. This information should feature the same keywords or keyword combinations that we used as an example above. Using towns or city names, state names, postal codes and telephone prefixes which relate specifically to your area will help Google understand where you’re located and in turn they will provide you with higher local rankings.

It’s also wise to add these region-targeted keywords to your web copy.  By adding local keywords to the blog posts, product descriptions and “About Us” content that’s already on your website, you’re further telling Google where you belong in the search engine.  This fast and easy approach to generating better local SEO rankings is something that anyone can do, and it really works well!

Add Pictures and Label Them Appropriately

Adding photographs to your firm’s website or company blog will also be an effective way to improve local SEO.

For example, adding pictures of your place of business, and then labelling these photographs appropriately, will be a great way to attract more interest from the “bots” which trawl the Web, looking for website information which is then utilized in order to calculate search engine rankings.

Again, adding the right keywords to your Image Tags for pictures will work wonders.

Which Keywords are Right for Local SEO Tactics?

You already know that street names, town or city names, state names, postal codes and so on, are great keywords for local SEO.  All you have to do is take your individual niche and add the geo specific keyword as prefix or suffix and you’re good to go. Example: Chicago Dentist.

However, some keywords are easier to rank for than other keywords and targeting these low competition keywords is always a good idea for small businesses who are just getting started with their local web presence.

These easy to rank keywords are often referred to as “long tail keywords” and they typically describe something in detail making the person searching for that term extremely valuable.

You see, if I just searched for dental procedures, I’m not necessarily looking for a local dentist. But, if I search for “24 hr emergency Chicago dentist” I’d definitely looking for a local dentist. Probably to fix an aching tooth.  See the difference?

As far as finding out what local keywords will work best of your business, common sense combined with Google’s free keyword tool will take you a long ways!

For more on local SEO please visit http://kaizenwaymarketing.com

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local marketing strategies

Discover Crazy Local Marketing Methods

If you’re the owner or manager of a local auto repair shop or any other type of local small business, discovering the most effective and practical marketing methods will help you to enjoy greater exposure online and right in your own community.

Since this niche of business is typically rather competitive, it’s important to keep your edge by utilizing the most impressive marketing methods. In order to help your company enjoy the brand recognition that it really deserves (and the new business that will come along with it), we’ve created a sensible quick guide…

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are free to use, and all of these popular social media platforms offer tremendous benefits to local auto repair shops which need to advertise via the World Wide Web. While you probably already have a Facebook page for your business, you should definitely create accounts at all of the platforms that we’ve listed here, so as to create a powerful network online.

Once your profiles are up and running, you’ll be able to promote your business and connect with prospective and existing customers online. While nothing is truly free – after all, time is money – the effort that you put into social networking will generally pay off for your business.

Just be sure that every post, tweet and photograph reflects positively on your company. In addition, make sure that you respond to likes, comments and so on quickly. It’s all about engagement which may happen in real-time, and it’s such a powerful way to grow a local brand…

Create Referral Programs

We had the opportunity to interview the owners of M & W Tire, which is an auto repair shop in Benton Harbor, Michigan, about their referral program that offers customers rewards for bringing in new business.  It was a great interview and basically these veteran business owners state that setting up a referral program is detrimental to your business.

Here’s why.  Setting up your own referral program shouldn’t be difficult, and doing so will be a perfect way to drum up business, while also showing your existing clientele that you care about the positive, word-of-mouth advertising that they do.

To set up such a program, think about which type of reward you feel comfortable offering. In some cases, it might be a set percentage off of the next auto repair that you do for the referrer. Ten percent may work well. Offering a gift of some kind may also be effective. However, the gift that you give should be exciting enough to make the concept of referring others to your business appealing.

Run your new referral program the way that you run your business – with the utmost professionalism. Always ensure that every referral is rewarded.  Now that you know a couple of interesting ways to market your local business, you’ll be ready to move forward with the process.

We want to take a quick second to thank M & W Tire for their time! It’s always good to hear directly from business owners who have been in the trenches.

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seo marketing on facebook

Learn How Business Based SEO Experts Find New Clients on Facebook

If you’re running a Small Business Based SEO company, you already know that finding new clients is the best way to keep your firm in the black. However, you may not know the smartest methods of finding new leads.

To help you get the inside scoop on drumming up new business for your SEO firm, we’ve created a sensible quick guide. Our guide is focused on the power of the world’s premier social media platform – Facebook.

Once you’ve discovered the value of Facebook, in terms of fostering new connections which may become positive business relationships (and which will help to line your coffers and build your company brand), you’ll be ready to use this effective Web marketing tool to its best possible advantage…

How to Find New Leads on Facebook

First off, you’ll need a Facebook page for your business. Chances are good that you have one already. Once your page is functional, it will be time to use your existing circle of friends and acquaintances in order to branch out and attract new clients.

Since “friends of friends” are valuable leads, it’s important to create posts which may get attention from these important people. Examples of posts which tend to get noticed, even by those outside of your inner circle, include quizzes, special promotions and shared videos and photographs.

It’s all about creating vibrant posts which engage newcomers. You’ll want to intrigue and inspire whenever you can. Showcasing your company’s strengths will be important – however, you should also aim to entertain.

In the world of Web-based marketing, “content is king”. Never forget that taking the time to offer up interesting content (keep it politically correct at all times) will be the best way to spark engagement from “friends of friends” and other visitors to your Facebook page.

So, do put care into what you post – everything should reflect positively on your company and all content should be designed to impress. If you’re not good at this sort of stuff, outsource the task to someone who is – just make sure that your new writer understands what your company is all about.

Consider Purchasing Facebook Ads

While Facebook may be utilized free of change, there are ways to invest in Facebook ads which may dramatically expand your Web marketing scope. If your budget allows for it, purchasing these sorts of ads will generally be a very wise strategy. When you buy Facebook ads, you’ll be able to target certain demographics, from certain regions. In other words, your ads will find prospective customers automatically, based on your own requirements.

This kind of targeted advertising tends to pay off. Many owners of small and medium-sized SEO companies do buy Facebook advertising, so that their companies are front and center in the eyes of those who are most likely to need their services.

Why Not Get Started Today?  Take an example from an SEO company that specializes in small business SEO tactics like Zxperts.com

These guys have shown that it’s possible to make new connections quickly via Facebook and the results will just keep on coming, for as long as you continue to use the service. So the real question is, why not find new clients on Facebook today?

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