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Learn How Business Based SEO Experts Find New Clients on Facebook

If you’re running a Small Business Based SEO company, you already know that finding new clients is the best way to keep your firm in the black. However, you may not know the smartest methods of finding new leads.

To help you get the inside scoop on drumming up new business for your SEO firm, we’ve created a sensible quick guide. Our guide is focused on the power of the world’s premier social media platform – Facebook.

Once you’ve discovered the value of Facebook, in terms of fostering new connections which may become positive business relationships (and which will help to line your coffers and build your company brand), you’ll be ready to use this effective Web marketing tool to its best possible advantage…

How to Find New Leads on Facebook

First off, you’ll need a Facebook page for your business. Chances are good that you have one already. Once your page is functional, it will be time to use your existing circle of friends and acquaintances in order to branch out and attract new clients.

Since “friends of friends” are valuable leads, it’s important to create posts which may get attention from these important people. Examples of posts which tend to get noticed, even by those outside of your inner circle, include quizzes, special promotions and shared videos and photographs.

It’s all about creating vibrant posts which engage newcomers. You’ll want to intrigue and inspire whenever you can. Showcasing your company’s strengths will be important – however, you should also aim to entertain.

In the world of Web-based marketing, “content is king”. Never forget that taking the time to offer up interesting content (keep it politically correct at all times) will be the best way to spark engagement from “friends of friends” and other visitors to your Facebook page.

So, do put care into what you post – everything should reflect positively on your company and all content should be designed to impress. If you’re not good at this sort of stuff, outsource the task to someone who is – just make sure that your new writer understands what your company is all about.

Consider Purchasing Facebook Ads

While Facebook may be utilized free of change, there are ways to invest in Facebook ads which may dramatically expand your Web marketing scope. If your budget allows for it, purchasing these sorts of ads will generally be a very wise strategy. When you buy Facebook ads, you’ll be able to target certain demographics, from certain regions. In other words, your ads will find prospective customers automatically, based on your own requirements.

This kind of targeted advertising tends to pay off. Many owners of small and medium-sized SEO companies do buy Facebook advertising, so that their companies are front and center in the eyes of those who are most likely to need their services.

Why Not Get Started Today?  Take an example from an SEO company that specializes in small business SEO tactics like

These guys have shown that it’s possible to make new connections quickly via Facebook and the results will just keep on coming, for as long as you continue to use the service. So the real question is, why not find new clients on Facebook today?

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